Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Marduk's "Marine One"

Considering the supposed vast wealth of our favorite bearded megalomaniac, it's a bit comical that his choice of regal transportation for getting around the New Babylonian compound is a cheap, two-seat helicopter kit.

The Marduk-icopter is actually a Scorpion 133 two-seat homebuilt helicopter. The specifications for the 133 are:

Passengers: 2

Length: 22'
Height: 7.5'
Width (cab): 4'

Rotor diameter: 24'

Empty gross weight: 1,330 lbs.
Payload: 640 lbs.
Disc loading: 2.49 lbs. per square foot

Engine type: RW133 or similar water-cooled 4-cycle
Horsepower: 135

Range: 150 miles
Maximum speed: 100 mph
Cruising speed: 75 mph
Service ceiling: 10,000'
Rate of climb: 1,000 feet per minute

Resistance to friendly fire from your private security force: NONE

Interested in making a replica or building your own? You can purchase plans from Vortech, Inc.