Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boots and boomerangs

Two more discoveries from the KPM recorded library...

When the team first infiltrates the New Babylonian compound and Steve discovers the abandoned laboratory, he hears someone moving on the other side of a door, he dives and rolls--slamming his boots on the floor (so much for stealth!)--and nearly breaks Kandy's neck.

The brief track played before the dramatic revelation of who was behind the door is Ill Omen by David Lindup.

Shortly after,  Hotdog is poised to bag a New Babylonian citizen and appropriate his clothing for Kandy to wear--using only the boomerang from his bag of tricks.

The musical track heard here is Acquital, also by David Lindup.

Although the film's soundtrack might not all have come from one source (it remains to be seen at this point), Igo Kantor clearly borrowed heavily from KPM library composers.

Fortunately for fans and aficionados of library music, many classic tracks from KPM are available for individual purchase through iTunes, including both of the above-mentioned tracks.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Music from the alley on the left

More background music tracks have been identified.

As Steve is walking through the rows of makeshift homesteads in Gypsy Billy's trailer-park-slash-shanty-town, we hear a short cacophony of various musical excerpts intended to sound as if coming from a number of different radios or record players.

One is another selection from the KPM recorded library titled, "I Gotta Get The World Off My Back" by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter, and is currently available from iTunes as part of the KPM 1000 Series album The Sound of 'Pop'.

Another is the triumphal march from Guiseppe Verdi's grand opera Aida.

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Holy Grail has been found!

Fantastic breaking news for this blog which no one ever reads...

Thanks to Chris Hadley over at the Film Score Monthly forum, the musical coup de gras from the KKA soundtrack has been identified and located.

The brief bumper track heard following the fight sequence between The Team and the New Babylonians in the white box truck...and then the longer selection heard during the descent of the parachutists...are variations of a theme by composer Keith Mansfield which can be found on the KPM library music album titled, Olympiad 2001, released in 1978.

The specific selections are:

Track 17, Olympic Champion Fanfare 3 (0:17)
Track 18, Energy and Movement (1:15)

Other variations appear on a previous album, Olympiad 2000 (1977) which includes the track World Champion, known better as the opening theme music for the televised coverage of Wimbledon.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Music track identified!

In the never-ending quest to identify the elusive stock music used for the film's soundtrack, one selection has been ID'ed thanks to the iPhone SoundHound app.

The track played when The Team is driving the back roads to Ironville, and again in full during the closing credits, is titled, "Times Square," by composer Laurie Johnson. It currently appears on the album. "...With A Vengeance."

The album and the individual track are currently available for purchase on iTunes.

Thank you, SoundHound. What a revelation!