Friday, July 22, 2011

The Holy Grail has been found!

Fantastic breaking news for this blog which no one ever reads...

Thanks to Chris Hadley over at the Film Score Monthly forum, the musical coup de gras from the KKA soundtrack has been identified and located.

The brief bumper track heard following the fight sequence between The Team and the New Babylonians in the white box truck...and then the longer selection heard during the descent of the parachutists...are variations of a theme by composer Keith Mansfield which can be found on the KPM library music album titled, Olympiad 2001, released in 1978.

The specific selections are:

Track 17, Olympic Champion Fanfare 3 (0:17)
Track 18, Energy and Movement (1:15)

Other variations appear on a previous album, Olympiad 2000 (1977) which includes the track World Champion, known better as the opening theme music for the televised coverage of Wimbledon.

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