Thursday, August 4, 2011

Boots and boomerangs

Two more discoveries from the KPM recorded library...

When the team first infiltrates the New Babylonian compound and Steve discovers the abandoned laboratory, he hears someone moving on the other side of a door, he dives and rolls--slamming his boots on the floor (so much for stealth!)--and nearly breaks Kandy's neck.

The brief track played before the dramatic revelation of who was behind the door is Ill Omen by David Lindup.

Shortly after,  Hotdog is poised to bag a New Babylonian citizen and appropriate his clothing for Kandy to wear--using only the boomerang from his bag of tricks.

The musical track heard here is Acquital, also by David Lindup.

Although the film's soundtrack might not all have come from one source (it remains to be seen at this point), Igo Kantor clearly borrowed heavily from KPM library composers.

Fortunately for fans and aficionados of library music, many classic tracks from KPM are available for individual purchase through iTunes, including both of the above-mentioned tracks.

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