Saturday, January 23, 2010

Profile in Style: Gorilla

Early in the film, Gorilla tells Steve how he was banned from pro wrestling for biting the ears off his opponents when he won (maybe Mike Tyson saw this movie as a kid too!). So amongst a group of mostly martial artists, his is a style of simple brute force.

The Signature Modus Operandi

Choke yo' punk ass!

And chokin' yo' punk ass!

Come here so I can choke yo' punk ass!

Surprise! Yo' punk ass is choked!

The Nutcracker

How's that size 18 in the crotch feel?

The Head Butt

That's gonna leave a mark!

The Moe Howard Head Knock

Oooh, a couple of wiseguys!

The Fake Arm Bar

Yeah, I'm pretty sure the human
arm is meant to bend that way.

The Helicopter

A little cliche, but always good for a laugh.

The School Yard Showdown

Nothing like a good old-fashioned game of "mercy"

The Passive-Aggressive

Hey, Gorilla. Did you happen to notice a bunch of people fighting all around you?

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