Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back on DVD!

Amazingly, Kill And Kill Again is back in a new 30th Anniversary Special Edition release, remastered in 16x9 widescreen and with special features!

According to, the DVD release date was August 21, 2012 which actually makes it a little late for its 30th anniversary (having been released theatrically in 1981), but who cares?

Special features include an (audio) interview with James Ryan, an on-camera interview with John Crowther, and an "isolated music track from the original 3 track mag sound."

That last item is of particular interest to this blogger. Though a lot of the stock music used in the film has been identified from the KPM music library, there are a few tracks and bumpers still outstanding. Hopefully, this item will provide new information on the soundtrack.

A copy of the release has been ordered and should arrive within a few days. After viewing the widescreen presentation and additional features, a full review will be posted.

Available copies can be ordered here.

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