Tuesday, March 1, 2016

And we're back!

All right, so it's been nearly four years since the last post. Sorry about that. Life getting in the way and all that you know.

Nevertheless, I made a random discovery today which warrants an update to the blog.

I'm not sure when it was posted on IMDB, but at some point, someone logged an entry under soundtrack for Kill And Kill Again, titled "Dossier" by Brian Bennett and Alan Hawkshaw.

Some quick research led to a recording of the track and it was immediately recognizable as the music for the opening title sequence of the film.

"Dossier" can be found in the KPM 1000 series on a collection titled Hot Wax (KPM 1177).

Unfortunately it is not currently available among the KPM Library albums on iTunes, but you may find a copy of the track for listening in a number of places online.

While I cannot post a digital file copy of the track for download, I will reference a recording uploaded to YouTube by someone other than myself.

Click here to enjoy "Dossier" by Brian Bennett and Alan Hawkshaw
(source: YouTube channel of Ross Bates)

Just a further indication of how much Igo Kantor relied on KPM library music to build the film score.

Incidentally, Alan Hawkshaw composed a couple of other tracks appearing in the KPM 1000 series which may be recognizable to readers. Though possibly used in other contexts, "Studio 69" may best be known as the opening theme song for the '70s-era variety television show Dave Allen at Large. "Best Endeavors" may also be recognized from both the theme music for BBC Channel 4 News and the theatrical trailer for the 1985 Clint Eastwood western film Pale Rider.  

At this point, I believe less than a handful of musical cues from Kill And Kill Again remain unidentified (on this blog, anyway). Hopefully, it won't be another four years before the next item of interest presents itself.


Joe Blow said...

I'm actually watching it right now. Looks like Marduks gonna get away in the chopper.

Or maybe not.....

unlockmemo said...

oh shit yes. thank you for identifying this track