Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Bad Guys

Wellington Forsythe, III aka "Marduk" (Michael Mayer) - The evil billionaire and would-be world dominator.

Along with his twin brother Joseph, Mayer starred in the role of Little Ricky Ricardo on I Love Lucy.

Minerva (Marloe Scott-Wilson) - The lackey and generally pointless presence.

Following a few more minor film roles after
KKA, Scott-Wilson became a self-described singer and fine art painter.

Truck Driver (Malcolm Dorfman) - The chief thug and fighting goon.

An alumnus of both Kill movies, Sensei Malcolm is an 8th Dan of Shotokan karate. He joined the JKA dojo of Stan Schmidt in the late '60s and today operates Dorfman Karate with his son Shane, 6th Dan.

Chief Guard (Ivor Kissin) - The enforcer and bully of the Ironville citizenry.

Other than an appearance in one episode of a West German television series and a possible role in an obscure movie titled,
Spoor, no information is currently available on Kissin.

The Optimus (Eddie Dorie) - The fighting nemesis and wearer of the white boxers.

Dorie's film credits consist solely of the
Kill movies and no other information is currently found when researched. He was likely a member of the South African JKA chosen simply for his size as an imposing presence.

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