Monday, December 7, 2009


According to, KKA has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is now only available on the secondary market where I see sale prices starting at $58 for a new DVD copy and $37+ for a used one

Not that I'm surprised it's off the primary market and will no doubt never see a Blu-Ray pressing. It just wouldn't be in enough demand to warrant it.

Amazon also tells me I purchased my copy in September of 2003 for $9.95...I guess I really lucked into it at the time.

Finding it currently out-of-print leaves me wondering about who owns the film rights now. The original copyright belonged to "The Again Corporation," which doesn't materialize on a Google search to much of any degree. I'm guessing that was perhaps just a company formed by the filmmakers at the time on paper only to shoot and distribute the film.

The DVD jacket (as well as the opening video tag at the beginning) lists the copyright--as of 1998--belonging to Liberty International Entertainment, Inc., which appears to be just a second or third-rate media company.

One interesting item to note on their packaging for the DVD is the appearance of a completely unrelated image on the back of the jacket:

Some might remember the early days of soft-porn titles in the video store which had this kind of comical censorship on the packaging with feminine nipples covered by tiny black dots.

I cannot imagine how or why this image (honestly, appearing nowhere in the film--not the scene, not even the "actresses") wound up on the packaging. Somebody in the graphics department was either careless or bored.

If any of you in the fan community have information on the current ownership of the title and/or the origin of this curiously misplaced image (in the spirit of Whose Line Is It Anyway, 1,000 points to anyone who can identify the movie it's actually from), please post a comment.

UPDATE: The source of the still image has been identified. Please see here.

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