Sunday, December 6, 2009

"...know anything about a town up this way called Ironville?"

How many of us who found ourselves in junior high or middle school in the early eighties remember when HBO was a single, premium cable channel and at one time repeatedly showed a movie titled, Kill and Kill Again?

How many of us at the time thought it was the coolest bad-ass karate movie ever?

Okay, so in retrospect it's now a laughable flick with a severely underdeveloped storyline and a cast of caricatures. It's basically a showcase of martial arts choreography for the sake of martial arts choreography.

But, it's still pretty freakin' cool, even if just for its nostalgic value.

Created by South African filmmakers as a pseudo-sequel to the 1980 movie Kill Or Be Killed (aka Karate Killer and also Karate Olympia), the movie "reunites" a crack team of covert operatives recruited to infiltrate a secluded community of townspeople under the pharmacological influence of a billionaire megalomaniac self-named "Marduk" and to rescue a kidnapped scientist whose potato-based creation is the source of Marduk's mind-controlling influence over the town of Ironville, re-named New Babylonia in accordance with his utopian vision of world domination.

I decided to create this blog in hopes of attracting and encouraging input from other fans of this terrible and awesome movie.

Anyone and everyone with an appreciation of this movie, please feel free to comment and add to the general knowledge base of the film. I am by no means an "authority" on the film, its making, and especially not the martial arts styles it demonstrates.

So I look forward to learning more from those of you more knowledgeable than I.



Anonymous said...

Being one those HBO'ers, I have recently acquired both titles. God Bless the Internet. The quality if that of a Tape to DVD conversion. KAKA actually had one of the first "Bullet Time" sequences on film. This happened towards the very end when the Chief Guard tries to kill Dr. Kane. These movies, though really bad script writing, have been praised for the authentic fight sequences.

Dale said...

Yeah, someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it was THE first "bullet time" sequence to appear in a motion picture. Although, it's not true high-speed footage of a bullet traveling from a gun barrel. The initial shot is, but the footage of the bullet spinning through the air was accomplished by suspending the bullet in a large piece of plexiglass that was affixed to a rig which allowed the glass to rotate (thus, turning the bullet) while at the same time moving in a forward direction on a track while the camera followed it. Pretty ingenious actually given the time and the operating budget. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Anonymous said...

eeyah! i loved this movie as a kid.. james ryan actually reminded me a lot of my father.. this week i've been very nostalgic about the two kill movies and have been scouring the internet for whatever I could find about the actors.. I can't believe how different James looks as the mexican police chief in From Dusk til Dawn 2! Anyway, thanks for sharing these articles for all to see

Rodrigo Díaz López said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful information. I remember when I went to Cinema for the screening of this movie. Being guide under my fascination of Martial Arts Cult Cinema "Enter the Dragon" and "Drunken Master", I was a child when I went to cinema and my fascination increased after seeing this movie that revealed to me how different could be a Martial Arts Cinema. I love Martial Arts movies.

Oh I not forget to mention the accurate of notes and wonderful Brian Bennett & Alan Hawkshaw Dossier electronic music piece.

James Buchanan said...

I saw KKA at a drive-in with my dad, stepmom, and brothers when it first came out. I loved it! James Ryan has a real charisma about him. I wanted to be him. LOL BTW, Amazon has it free for Prime members!! I just watched it, again!